The Nerdette’s Policy

If you would like me to review your book, I would be absolutely honored to do so. However, I do have a few conditions.

  • I review books that are either for teens and children or appropriate for teens and children. I usually don’t do picture books or graphic novels with the exception of few, but contact me and I will definitely think about reviewing it.
  • My favorite teen genres are: fantasy (high fantasy, period fantasy, fantasy of manners, and fairytale retellings especially, but not most contemporary/urban fantasy and paranormal, even though I do understand these are very popular genres as of late), historical fiction, and mysteries. Though this is not a genre in itself, I do also enjoy novels in epistolary form. HOWEVER, I will not accept a book regardless of genre that has questionable material in it. This includes any erotic material of any kind (though light romances are fine by me), language, extreme and unnecessary graphic violence, or novels that are anti-religious or anti-God. Please bear in mind that I am a conservative Catholic and will not read a book that speaks out against my personal beliefs and values.
  • I am a lot more flexible when it comes to children’s novels (although the questionable material and anti-religious bans are still in place). I will read most any genre, but I especially enjoy fantasy (again, I am more biased towards high fantasy, period fantasy, fantasy of manners, and fairytales), historical fiction, and mysteries. I love a funny book, and for children’s novels, realistic fiction is something I enjoy more often than I do its YA counterpart.
  • Regardless of the book, its content, its author(s), its publisher, or its genre, I do not review audiobooks. Frankly, they get on my nerves. Books sent in PDF format online are absolutely fine by me.
  • I am available for blog tours, guest posts, and interviews. In fact, I would be absolute thrilled to be a part of any–or all!
  • If you are a little lost on my book review system, please click here. If you are confused on how I rate books, contact me. My e-mail can be found in the sidebar to the right.
  • If you are still lost on what kind of books I like, please read take a look at my Forest Favorites page and my recommended lists. If you are still a bit bemused, contact me (my e-mail is in the sidebar).
  • And last but not least, I am NOT PAID! I do blogging just for fun as a hobby to get away from stress and state my opinions on the things I am interested in. I started blogging to connect with my friends and to help improve and exercise my writing skills. This blog reflects exactly that.

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