Nerd Love: My Favorites System

Ask any bibliophile what his or her favorite book is, and you will end up with a very, very, very long-winded answer. Being quite a bibliophile myself, I can safely tell you not to ask me this question if you’d like to speak with me for only five minutes. Maybe I could tell you in two seconds: go to my blog. The thing is, it will take you longer than five minutes to figure out which books, movies, and albums are my favorites because of this increasingly complex system I’ve created. As a reader, movie-watcher, and music-listener, it is, contrary to belief, difficult to dissect the good from the bad, the best from the good, the best of the best from the best. So I created this system on my blog here called “Nerd Love”. To explain this would take another of your precious three to five minutes. First, it takes some effort on the part of the creator of whatever I am reviewing to even make it to this specialized group. But then again, I usually like what I read, see, or listen to, or maybe I am just lucky in selecting these. Or I am just selective. Either way, reviews on my blog with any number of asterisks show that the book, movie, or album itself is “in the group”–they are a favorite of mine, whether really good, best, or best of the best. Allow me to break these “awards” down for you more easily in bullet points. I seem to work better with .

  • The “very good” is SILVER, things that are close to being a favorite, but aren’t exactly the best. They’re highly recommended, and, if I have the time, I may pick it up again from time to time, but it most likely wouldn’t be something that I would say changed my life or thrilled me or anything like that. Reviews that hold one asterisk indicate a Silver winner.
  • The “best” is titled GOLD, stuff that are a favorite, also highly recommended (more so than Silver Leaf winners), but falls short of reaching the “next level”. Some of these may also need a second try, and have potential to reach the next level. Perhaps to others, they are seen as the best of the best, but in my eyes, they are great but not something that I had completely fallen in love with. Reviews that hold two asterisks indicate a Golden winner.
  • The “best of the best” is titled PLATINUM, absolute, all-time favorites that either changed my life or really entertained me and caught my attention. These are the favorites that I am completely enamoured with. ‘Nuff said, right? Reviews that hold three asterisks indicate a Platinum winner.

That didn’t take up to much of your time, now did it? But I hope this does give you better insight as to how I grade my favorites. Reviewing is a complicated business, but deciding what is amazing between what is quite good makes it all the more fun. 🙂


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