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In Which I Poke Back on Here Before Monday Comes

*clears throat* Yes, I will be back, and I’m still trying to keep my resolutions NOT to procrastinate (which, ya know, I’m already breaking…I should be doing APUSH notes), but I just had to make this announcement.

There’s a cool contest going on over at Shooting Stars! This is a blog run by two authors, Bethany Wiggins and Suzette Saxton. What’s really cool about this duo is that they’re actually sisters. If I had a sister, I might, you know, try to make her do some writing, too. Or at least share my blog or something awesome like that. 😉

Anywho, Bethany and Suzette are holding a “wicked awesome” (very appropriately titled, I must say) contest where you can win:

  • A query critique
  • A critique of five pages of your work
  • An autographed AND inscribed copy of The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

What do you have to do? It’s pretty easy: the deadline is tomorrow (sorry for putting this up late, folks, but this was the only time I had 😛 ), Monday, January 11, but if you get this before then…

  1. Follow their blog.
  2. Write up a post.

Easy? Absolutely. So go for it! And…see you around…soon. Stay tuned, and NftN will be right on track in the near, near future. 😀

edit: I’m such an idiot!! I forgot to give the link to find the contest. It’s here. 😀 I do this all the time with e-mail attachments…I forget to send the actual attachment, which is the exact reason why I would e-mail that person at all! 😛 In my defense, I HTMLed the link like a true computer nerd/tech pro. 😉


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Happy 2010!

Isn’t this terrible? I haven’t blogged in like…forever. And the year/decade is almost ending. *cries* (At least I did change the layout and the header accordingly! I say accordingly because I had to adjust the header a little to make it fit, so it got slightly moved, enlarged here and there with the text, et cetera.)

I’m still working on the upcoming movie review, and my posting schedule is looking *something* like this:

  • Up (2009, film)
  • Howl’s Moving Castle (1986, book)
  • Play On (2009, album)
  • Enna Burning (2004, book)
  • A possible movie review (I’m thinking 2004’s North and South)
  • Love on the Inside (2008, album)
  • Prada and Prejudice (2009, book)
  • Another possible movie review (Inkheart from 2008, maybe?)

(Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve totally gotten addicted to putting asterisks even when I could easily bold a word like *this*. Heh. It creates a different emphasis than actually bolding.)

After Prada and Prejudice, I’m not quite sure what to review next. I’ll leave that up to you guys with another poll. 🙂

I love doing this every year and go completely insane about it because as much fun as it is to compile this list, it’s totally guilty-inducing when I break them (and you guys know I do). So my first resolution is….

  • To keep following my resolutions

Good, right? Carrying on…

  • Write at least two reviews every week (maybe first start off with one, what with school and all)
  • Comment more on other blogs
  • Be more prompt (aka snappy 😉 ) with e-mails (sorry, guys!)
  • Read FASTER
  • Finish Draft One (and maybe Draft Two) of my current “super secret” novel
  • Actually accomplish the 50K goal of NaNoWriMo
  • Start a blog challenge and enter a few (and actually accomplish them)
  • Write more songs and poems (and for the former, enter FAWM)
  • Actually WRITE something for Script Frenzy (heh)

Good goals, eh, you guys? What are YOUR resolutions? 😀

And, of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

P.S. I forgot to add that a new feature coming up on NftN is cover reviews! I review covers of books (not necessarily books that I’ve read), so I’m taking any suggestions and then, when the time comes for me to write the review, I will use to choose which title! You can suggest on in the comments, or shoot me an e-mail. But don’t be shy! You will also be recognized as the “suggester” (heh) of the title. Ask your bookish friends, too! Horrible AND fantabulous covers are both being accepted (but please no self-published covers). Thanks! 😀

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