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Quick, Quick Announcement

‘Kay, folks! I know I promised that I would post a movie review, which I am in the process of writing (and I really love it so far, and I hope you all do too when I post it), but as for now NftN is going on hiatus until Thursday, December 17, 2:55 pm (that’s the minute after I get out of school, not necessarily when I will post; and yes, my school does get out at 2:54, which is the most random time to do anything on the planet). I will probably be finishing up the movie review that day, but first post a cool little thing that has been sort of rampant in the book blogoverse (not exactly a meme, but…you’ll see), AND change the blog layout (as much as I like this one, I’m having issues with it).

Reason for the hiatus? Three guesses. If your first (or second or third) guess was finals, you are absolutely correct. Monday is a regular day, but Tuesday is when the you-know-what starts (I have APUSH and AP Lit these days; it’s absolutely nerve-wracking that I have both of these on the same day, since they’re the hardest classes I have this year!). Wednesday is another you-know-what day (I have AP Psych, which I’m kind of nervous about though not as much as the other two, and Spanish, which shouldn’t be too bad, I hope), and Thursday is the last day (just one final–Trig–and a yearbook party right before it! w00t!). So…wish me tons and tons of luck and say as many prayers as you can for me! I’m so, so nervous for these, and for all of my lovely readers who are about to be eaten by the finals-week monster next week or whenever, I wish you luck as well! Can’t wait until Christmas break (and doggone it, it’s CHRISTMAS break, not winter break! And yes I did just say “doggone it” like old folks do) and to read/watch movies and DVDs/relax/sleep/blog again!

See ya ’til Thursday!

(Oh, and one last thing: this is officially my official blog. I decided today that I won’t be posting over at Blog of a Thousand Days anymore.)


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I See You!

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