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(Re)introducing…this blog!

I know what you’re thinking. You had decided to pop over and take a look to see if Butterfly Forest ever awoke from its dead sleep, or maybe you just saw that you had a new item from this blog on your Google Reader (or whatever you use to subscribe to blogs) and thought, “Finally! At last she decided to update us! More crazy reviews! More crazing BB-ness! But please, no blog hibernation. It’s so annoying.” (At the moment, I really can’t promise about blog hibernation, but if there does happen to be one, it will definitely be shorter. I have Thanksgiving break coming up soon–w00t!–and that definitely calls for some blogging time. 🙂 ). Either way, you somehow landed here and were like “WHOA. I think I killed her blog with a green dagger and it’s bleeding blue.”

Uh, no. You’re not a murderer (I hope). At least…you’re not a blog murderer (I think). Okay, you’re not this blog’s murderer. If there is a blog murderer, charge me with first degree blog murder of Butterfly Forest, which has resurrected into…

TA-DA!! Notes from the Nerdette! *applause* Aaaannnddd, that’s not all! Why yes, folks, it’s infomercial time, BB blog-style…

Folks, if you stay tuned and continue to read this blog, you will receive:

New Blog Title

Okay, I said this already, but the title is officially “Notes from the Nerdette”! *throws confetti*

New Layout

Like it? WordPress is pretty limited with blog layouts, but I thought this was fresh, new, and really depicted the cutesy-yet-schnazzy aspect of my new blog. Plus, the other layout was getting a little too dismal and bleh. 😛

New Review Format

Right now, I don’t have the new format, but it’ll look more like a review put together than a divided up review. It’ll still be very unique and very much like how it was before, but with just some revisions. Also, I’m going to be going through all of my previous reviews and changing the format for those to so that all of my reviews are uniform. Side note: they will also conform to the new FTC blog laws ( 😦 ).

“Nerdy Notes”

These are going to be blog posts about my thoughts. Usually I nerd out/fangirl over books, movies, albums, artists, authors…you get what I mean. 😉


I’m going to have weekly polls, and not about things how to improve my blog (unless I really need help on that). There will be fun, random stuff: paperback versus hardcover, urban versus high fantasy, rural versus urban, “do you listen to instrumental music?”, etc. Just to make things more amusing and reader-friendly. 🙂

“Featuring YOU”

This is a new NftN thing that I’m starting. It features, well, you! Whether you’ve been blogging for forever or you’re just an avid reader, just fill out my form, submit it, and you’ll be ready to go. You’ll get to be interviewed, answer fun questions, and all that fun stuff–all posted here. PLEASE E-MAIL ME FOR A FORM. When I send it to you, check out it out and you can see all the other options featured readers/bloggers have. I’m not quite sure how often I’ll do this; it really depends on how popular this blog gets and the demand for this feature, really.

“Author Spotlight: …”

Where the ellipsis points are, insert an author name. Not just any author, but authors I can actually get a hold of (so no Jane Austen. No Charles Dickens. No Charlotte Bronte. And…probably no J.K. Rowling either. That would be…difficult. I may get deluged by the press, as would Ms. Rowling ;P ). They will have similar fun questions and stuff as “Featuring YOU” readers will. If you are an author, PLEASE E-MAIL ME FOR A FORM. If there is an interview, I will post about it prior to interviewing them and make a form for any questions you have for the author.


I’ve been working on these foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..but I am working on them. They’re coming. Some will be about me, some about the blog, some about books/movies/albums/authors/artists that I like. Ya know…stuff. 😛

“You Mean to Say It’s Not Out Yet?!”

This is a sort of tentative title, but I’m kind of liking it. I might shorten it to “It’s Not Out Yet?!” What do you guys think? Anyway, basically, it’ll be a preview of things that aren’t available yet but that I’m really excited for: books, movies, and music.


This is just a post that I’m going to be doing soon, not a recurring feature. Just a heads-up for what to be expecting. ;D

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Here’s a poll: tell me what you love!



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